Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hillary Drop-Kicks Conservative Black Blogger over Health Care

This comes from Field Negro:
I have never been a big fan of Hillary Clinton. But honestly, if she is the Democratic nominee for President she will have my vote. Why? Because there is no way in hell that I would give my vote to one of those snow white looking seven dwarfs on the republican side. None!

But back to my point. It seems that Hillary laid a royal smack down on a conservative brother at the National Association of Black Journalist convention in Las Vegas. Apparently my man was trying to be cute, and approached one of the smartest people in American politics without his guns loaded.

According to Philadelphia Daily News columnist, Elmer Smith, a conservative black blogger by the name of Kiara Ashanti had "lined Hillary Rodham Clinton up in his gun sights" from the get go. "I can't wait" he told Smith in a Q&A session at the convention last week. He wanted to expose Clinton's "liberal proposals on health reform as a step toward what she believes is an all too socialistic agenda." According to Smith, this conservative blogger" wanted to raise his own visibility as much as he wanted to bring Clinton down a peg."

So let's see how it played out shall we:

After this genius asked Lady Hillary if she advocated socialist medicine, this was her response: "I've never advocated socialized medicine and I hope all journalist hear that" She said in a sharpened tone. "Do you consider Medicare socialized medicine?" she shot back at the genius. "In a way", said the little wimp. According to Smith's account, his answer was "lame." Then lady Hillary told the little republican wanna be house Negro to see her aides about the substance of her health-care proposals "if he was interested in being educated instead of being rhetorical."
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AAPP said...

Now we know why Field Negro has been nominated for a bloggers award. He is a no holds barred brotha, who tells it like it is. BTW, I nominated you for the award as well. You will get one next year, I'm sure.

Francis Holland said...

Thanks, AAPP!

Field is quite a leader, so I'm always honored to have my name mentioned along with his.