Friday, May 9, 2008

Hillary and Bill Clinton: The Long Color Aroused GoodBye

The Clintons are at it again, first its Hillary's "white Americans" comments in another color aroused and bigoted statements about her white support. then its Bill Clinton Angrily Defending Hillary's Healthcare History. Yes, its classic Clintons making a classic color aroused case that she is the white women who understands white people. Jack and Jill Politics calls it WHITE APPEAL!

As MYDD blogger kbuggy noted, "The broad consensus is that Hillary's comments are clearly deepening rifts in the Democratic party and hurting the party's chances in the fall. Are you listening superdelegates." Yes, she thinks White Americans” Prefer her.

As blogger,The Conscientious Objector noted in a recent post, "Okay, it's my understanding this bitch is now saying that young people, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other American people who are NOT white or who have college educations do NOT work hard for a living? Gimme a break pah- leeeze."

AAPP: I guess this is Hillary and Bill The Long Color Aroused Goodbye.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Handkerchief Head? Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou Race Traitor? or color aroused?

AAPP: I'm with Brown Sugar who says:

"Sigh. I'm done. I'm so tired of Black folk with slave mentality's I don't know what to do. This is just ridiculous. I supposed if Clinton had called her a Nigger to her face she'd still be talking about, "She is able to look through complexion and see community."

AAPP: Yes, Maya Angelou is a great poet and a aging house negro icon who feels her new calling is to be a 21st Century Handkerchief Head for Hillary and Bill.

OK, she is 80 years old, Icon in the black cultural movement, but I know some 80 year old woman who will not disgrace our people, and they are not Icon's.

Yes, she has a right to endorse anyone she wants too. I only wish she used the common sense of
Tom Hanks.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Divided Democratic Party and Black Voters?

On Thursday Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Joe Andrew announced he has switched his allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama and is encouraged fellow superdelegates to make their choice for a nominee soon. (AP Photo) On Friday some folks did. With former DNC Chairs for Clinton sending a letter of support for Hillary Clinton, writing in the letter:

"Those of us who support Hillary Clinton for president do so with the knowledge that she, just like us, has dedicated her life to improving the standard of living for others, and she has worked to make our Party the strong force that it is today. Her values are our Party’s values. Her record of fiscal prudence is matched by her commitment to social responsibility. Her accomplishments in the area of strengthening America’s security are a matter of public record.

Hillary has run one of the most formidable campaigns in the history of our Party. Her wins this primary season are significant – Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas. Her base of support includes women, Hispanics, seniors, Catholics, middle and low income Americans, and rural, suburban and urban voters. That’s a formidable coalition tailor-made for victory in a November general election."

AAPP: You notice any groups missing from the statement above? Ooops Black folks...
I guess black voters are not important to the Democrats? - For that matter to Hillary Clinton. Did you notice her base of support is not African Americans vs Baracks base of support in many states, has been
broad, and includes, blacks, women, latinos, seniors, Catholics, middle and low income Americans, and rural, suburban and urban voters.

What are your thoughts? Is it a divided Democratic Party? Or should we all sit back and let Superdelegates do what Earl Ofari Hutchinson
and other Clinton supporter types, would have us do. I guess my good brother Earl Ofari Hutchinson would have the Color of Change and his hundreds of thousands of members to "sit on the back of the bus like good negroes, and not engage in the Democratic process of discussion and debate."

Friday, May 2, 2008

"Theft - By -Taking" - Don't Let the Clinton's or The DNC Superdelegates Steal this Election

Dear African American Political Pundit readers:

Some leaders in the Democratic Party are playing with fire. They think
that they can betray the will of millions of voters--and choose Hillary
Clinton as the nominee, regardless of whether or not she is the choice
of the voters. We can't let this happen. It would be the largest
disenfranchisement in modern history, and it would mean the Democratic
Party giving their stamp of approval to a clear and consistent pattern
of race-baiting by the Clinton campaign.

If we make our voices heard, we can stop it. Please join us in signing
an open letter to leaders in the Democratic Party -- DNC Chair Howard
Dean, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry
Reid, and all superdelegates -- demanding that they reject an outcome
that involves trampling voting rights and legitimizing the politics of
division and fear:

By the time the last vote is cast on June 3rd under the rules of the
Democratic Party, it's unlikely Hillary Clinton will beat Barack Obama
among voters. But there's a chance that superdelegates will hand
Clinton the nomination anyway.

This would be a shocking attack on democracy, and it would destroy the
Democratic Party's credibility on protecting the right to vote. Black
people have a long history of fighting against voter suppression, and
now the Democratic Party will be the enemy in that fight. As bad as
that would be, there's another reason that a coup by party insiders
would threaten racial progress.

Senator Clinton's plan to have superdelegates hand her the nomination
doesn't make sense without a parallel strategy -- she has to stoke
enough division and race-based fear among Democratic voters to
convince superdelegates that white voters will not vote for Senator
Obama in the general election. One of Clinton's key arguments to
superdelegates is that America won't elect a Black man, and therefore
she's the better choice for Democrats to beat John McCain. While
she makes that argument in private to superdelegates, in public
Clinton's campaign and her surrogates are doing everything they can to
damage Barack Obama by ginning up fear and division and playing to the
worst instincts of our society. It's an insult to Black people and
all Americans, Obama and Clinton supporters alike.

The pattern has been clear and consistent to some party leaders. Last
week, according to the Washington Post, James Clyburn -- who as House
Majority Whip remains neutral and is the highest ranking Black member
of Congress -- accused the Clintons of marginalizing Black voters.
Referring to this strategy in another interview, Clyburn said that
"Nothing in this campaign has been by accident."

Congressman Clyburn warned that "black people are incensed" over the
divisiveness of the Clinton strategy and that it threatens an
irreparable breach between Black people and the Democratic Party.
He's right. And if superdelegates hand Clinton a victory despite her
defeat among voters, they will be condoning and rewarding that

Some party leaders have expressed strong concern about superdelegates
overruling voters. But as a whole, superdelegates have not made it
clear that they will respect the will of voters. Today, we want to
send a clear, unequivocal message to superdelegates and other party
leaders: Reject the idea that the nomination can be won with a
strategy that preys on racism, sows division, and disenfranchises
millions of voters.

Please join me by supporting the proactive actions of The Color of Change.


African American Political Pundit