Friday, August 3, 2007

BygBaby AfroSpear Blog Designs New Logo for AfroSpear Think Tank

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To elect a Democratic president in 2008, a lot of organization and effort will be required within the Black community. Although the AfroSpear has not endorsed any candidates parties or electoral programs, many of its Black blogger members hope the AfroSpear's organizing efforts can be a powerful force in denying the Republicans the White House in 2008.

Check out this graphic (above) that BygBaby of the In Pursuit of Perfection AfroSpear blog has designed for the AfroSpear Think Tank. BygBaby says, "There's a great conversation going on over at the AfroSpear [Think Tank] website. It'd be perfect, except we haven't heard from you yet! Stop on by, NOW!"


AAPP said...

this is a great new logo.

Francis Holland said...

It's very colorful. I like it but, I still like the strong symbolism of our spear trademark as well.