Monday, August 20, 2007

Earl Ofari Hutchinson on Clinton v. Obama

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Here's Earl Ofari Hutchinson, posting at Black America Web, on the electoral contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for the presidency:

The recent news that Hillary Clinton had appreciably widened the gap over her fierce arch rival Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nod wasn’t surprising. ( . . . ) Clinton knows what Obama is slowly discovering and that’s that elections are won not in early popularity polls, but in tough, gritty work in the state party caucuses, recruiting crack field organizers, and dedicated volunteers. Voters elect presidents that they feel will do three things: Bring stability, strength, and experience to the top spot.

In the USA Today poll that proclaimed that Clinton gaps Obama, voters gave her top marks on experience and strength (They gave Obama short shrift on both.). That’s another way of saying that they don’t want someone in the White House that will stumble and bumble on policy issues. ( . . . )

Hillary gave a vivid glimpse of her experience in the now defining debate in which Obama flatly said he’d meet with Hugo Chavez, and the Iranian and North Korean leaders. There was nothing inherently wrong with that, and good foreign policy is made and leadership shown as much by talking to enemies as friends. It’s just that Obama was far off in his timing in making that declaration and badly misjudged the public perception that it left. A seasoned presidential candidate or experienced public official who has had long experience in dealing with foreign policy matters and is recognized as such by the voters might have gotten away with that. But Obama is not that candidate or official. ( . . . ) More at Black America Web (BAW)

I agree with Earl Ofari Hutchinston's analysis. Barack's an excellent man and a great politician but, with Clinton in the race, he's not the best candidate for president.

Nonetheless, as the graphic above hints quite "subtly," I DO believe that Barack Obama will make an excellent vice president. I do NOT believe the ticket should be "balanced" to appeal to those who hate Black people. Those people are not going to vote for the Democratic ticket no matter whom our candidates are, because they vote against the POLITICAL PROGRAM of the Democratic Party, which includes the needs of Blacks more than the program of the Republicans does.

Because white color-aroused voters know that Blacks are voting for Democrats, white color-aroused voters are going to vote for Republicans regardless of who is on the Democratic ticket.

Likewise, knowing that Klan supporters and Nazis will support the Republicans, Blacks are going to vote for the Democrats regardless of who runs on the Republican ticket.

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