Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, join together in South Carolina - Pick Obama

'Yes we can!'

White Voters and Black Voters joined together in South Carolina last night to
smack down the color arousal campaign of Team Clinton in support of the institutional change message of Barack Obama.

In his Victory Speech Obama questioned “the assumption that African-Americans can’t support the white candidate; whites can’t support the African-America candidate; blacks and Latinos cant come together. He answered: But we are here tonight to say that this is not the America we believe in.

Although Hillary tried to high jack the Obama change message, black, white, latino, and native American voters in South Carolina were not buying the Hillary and Bill Clinton color Arousal politics.

Of course the team Clinton campaign has downplayed the Obama win spinning with their sick color arousal politics of days gone by, discounting the Obama Victory.

Check out the infamous and alleged first wannabe black President Bill Clinton's racist spin: "Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in 84 and 88," the former President Bill Clinton told reporters outside a polling station in Columbia. "Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here." Translation? As blogger Mia T noted, The Clintons want people to believe Obama is simply this year's Jesse Jackson. This as Obama gains the endorsement of the Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune, Inquirer, and the daughter of former U.S. President John F. Kenndy, Caroline Kennedy.

I can't wait to read the spin of alleged liberal blogs at
Mydd, My Left Wing and DailyKos and others who have all been generally supporting Billary Clinton, and refuse to link to black political bloggers.

But then again, I'd rather read Afrospear bloggers take on Barack Obama. The folks at Mydd, My Left Wing and DailyKos pretty much hate on black folks anyway. But hey, that is just my opinion. What's your?

Here is a link to
Barack Obama’s South Carolina Primary Speech.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blacks, America, Obama and Ronald Reagan

I'm not sure if you caught Sen. Barack Obama comments to the Reno Gazette-Journal editorial board regarding of all people Ronald Reagan. Check out what is said:
I don't want to present myself as some sort of singular figure. I think part of what's different are the times...I think Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not and in a way that Bill Clinton did not. He put us on a fundamentally different path because the country was ready for it.

I'm taking a second and third look at Obama. Does Obama remember what Ronald Reagan did to black America? Candidly, I'm feeling anyone who will kiss up to Republicans and use the name of Ronald Reagan, may not be the change agent America needs.

What did you think about Obama saying "Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not and in a way that Bill Clinton did not." Maybe Barack Obama should have read the late Steve Gillard's post on Ronald Reagan, when he wrote, "Reagan depicted blacks as "welfare queens" leeching off the society, when in reality, white women are the largest recipients of AFDC. Reagan used race like a club to hammer minorities and pander to the racist right."

Steve Gillard also noted, "We need to ask what hath Reagan wrought. His economic policies crippled this country, preventing the kind of long term structural changes which are still needed. How long will American businesses have to foot the bill for health insurance? How long will unequal funding for schools exist? How long will the right of women to control their bodies be subject to restrictions? This is the real, domestic legacy of Ronald Reagan. His breaking of the PATCO strike began the road to anti-Union policies across business. Once, businesses wanted labor peace, after Reagan, strike breaking was permitted, hell encouraged.

Reagan began the road of crippling America's ability to care for Americans. Now we have this failed trickle down economic policy pushed by yet another President. One that leaves Americans in record debt and record bankruptcies. Instead of tax rates which fairly distribute the burden of funding America, the rich have been encouraged to avoid their fair share. Ronald Reagan began the bankrupting of America and the creation of a super wealthy CEO class, one where their great grandchildren will never have to work, an aristocracy of trustifarians. Under Reagan hypocracy and selfishness became the rule of the road. Not just in public life, where his staff routinely lied, eventually leading to Iran-Contra.

But if Reagan started to ruin America, his foreign policy left the dead around like fallen leaves. His foreign policy was a disater by any standard. Dead nuns in El Salvador, murdered school teachers in Nicaragua, the tortured in Argentina, the seizure of Grenade, the failed intervention in Lebanon, the aerial assasination attempt on Khaddafi, which led to the bombing of Pam Am flight 103. Reagan's policies left a trail of failure and disaster at every turn.

How to explain funding the deeply corrupt Contras? Former Somocista generals who funded their war by the drug trade? Who murdered the innoncent. Or the war in Guatemala and the genocide of the indian population. Or the war in El Salvador, where American nuns, among many others, were raped and murdered. A government so callous that it murdered an archbishop in his church. Reagan's foreign policy left a trail of death and fear wherever it touched."

Maybe Barack Obama should read more about Ronald Reagan, and stop kissing up to Ronald Reagan supporters. They probably won't be voting for Obama anyway. But that is just my opinion, what's yours?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Confederacy, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, Hillary and Bill Clinton - Old Southern Racial Politics

AAPP says: Hillary and Bill Clinton's offensive remarks regarding Barack Obama has caused this pundit and many other political bloggers to take a closer look at other Presidential candidates views on color arousal or better known as race issues. International civil and human rights activist, and internet activist Francis L. Holland has uncovered an article regarding Ron Paul and what I would term, Ron Paul's racist and bigoted thoughts regarding black People.

Ron Paul is not the only candidate harboring racial hatred, Thomas B. Edsall, political editor of the Huffington Post and Joseph Pulitzer II and Edith Pulitzer Moore Professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.(H/T Agent X for the link) has also uncovered some ugly truths about former Gov. Mike Huckabee. First let's take a look at some of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul's thoughts about you know what:


"A Special Issue on Racial Terrorism" analyzes the Los Angeles riots of 1992: "Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks three days after rioting began. ... What if the checks had never arrived? No doubt the blacks would have fully privatized the welfare state through continued looting. But they were paid off and the violence subsided."

Source: The New Republic

The November 1990 issue of the Political Report had kind words for David Duke.

Source: The New Republic

This newsletter describes Martin Luther King Jr. as "a world-class adulterer" who "seduced underage girls and boys" and "replaced the evil of forced segregation with the evil of forced integration."

Source: The New Republic

There is more

Paul reported on gang crime in Los Angeles and commented, “If you have ever been robbed by a black teen-aged male, you know how unbelievably fleet-footed they can be.”

“Given the inefficiencies of what D.C. laughingly calls the 'criminal justice system,’ I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal,” Paul said.

Paul also wrote that although “we are constantly told that it is evil to be afraid of black men, it is hardly irrational. Black men commit murders, rapes, robberies, muggings and burglaries all out of proportion to their numbers.”

Now regarding Gov. Mike Huckabee and his campaign to bring the confederate flag into the Presidential campaign. As Posted by Thomas B. Edsall at the Huffington Post

Huckabee Pro-Confederate Flag Ads

H/T AlterNet and Agent X for the Link

Columbia, S. Car. -- The populist campaign of Mike Huckabee, seeking to mobilize an insurgency of white evangelicals against the Republican establishment, took an abrupt turn today after the former Arkansas governor directly appealed to voters on the issue of race, summoning his fellow candidates to stop calling for the removal of the Confederate flag from government offices.

"You don't like people from outside the state coming in and telling you what to do with your flag. ... If somebody came to Arkansas and told us what to do with our flag, we'd tell them what to do with the pole. That's what we'd do," he declared to applause at a campaign rally in Myrtle Beach Thursday.

Source: Huffington Post

AAPP: It's really a disgrace that we have to learn that politicians like the Clinton's, Ron Paul and Huckabee have all of these racial demons within them. Ron Paul '90s newsletters rants against blacks and gays are well documented. As reported by CNN, there's 20 years, give or take, worth of newsletters there. Paul said the editor of publications "is responsible for daily activities." But he also cited "transition" and "changes" and said that some people were hired to write stories "but I didn't know their names."

AAPP: Whatever Ron Paul! we get it. "Ron Paul Don't Like Black People."

Gov. Huckabee, you will never get this Pundit's vote. I don't vote for Confederate flag waving ex Gov's of Arkansas. But then again, maybe I did. I voted for Bill Clinton twice. Maybe that is the difference between you and Bill Clinton, he's a closet confederate flag waver, you just come out and say what your about. But hey, My vote may not count anyway. It seems that Republicans and Democrats know how to steal elections.

But that is just my opinion.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Why Obama's Election is Crucial to the Dreams of This 23 Year-Old Black Man

A 23 year-old Black business man addresses, "Why Barack Obama's candidacy has already created change for young Black people, and why any hint of lack of support from older Blacks is a reflection of color-aroused anti-Black sentiment among us Blacks:"

When I was a child, I spent years studying at virtually all-white schools. With all due respect to predominantly Black schools, I do attribute the experience of attending integrated schools to making me who I am today. Not because I was surrounded by pale faces, and not because I am suggesting that the education provided was any different, but I was asked in those schools a profound question that contributed to the direction of my life:

I was asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Precisely because I was studying among whites and yet considered this question to apply to me as well, I didn't get the sense that the normal stereotypes limited my answer and the reach of my dreams. I was not confined to being a basketball player or a rap star. Nor was I compelled to accept that if I failed in those unrealistic dreams I would instead have to be a drug dealer and convict. In those white schools, I was allowed to dream just like white children.

The answer I gave to the question of what I would do with my life is of no consequence today, but the ability to think that grandly is part of who I have become today.

Flash forward to my senior year in high school, when we were visited by a representative of a local technical college. Amongst other things in a rambling introduction of himself, this college representative said,

"You guys should be very interested in our vocational training programs since you're very good with your hands."

This comment stunned me and many of my fellow students. I remember flashing back to the moment when I was given the choice of what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I wondered if my fellow students had been given that choice as well, or were they having that choice imposed on them by societal stereotypes?

My guess at this point is the latter, that Black students had only been given the impression that their best shot at success would be through being an entertainer, a sports athlete and, if not, then a manual laborer trying to get by on minimum wage. I say that because a number of my fellow students moved on to nothing, and scores of students who came before me and after me had done just the same.

The responsibility to give students a sense that there options are boundless is not primarily a responsibility of teachers. Sometimes, people's imaginations and, therefore, possibilities are limited to what they have seen before, unless they are pushed to imagine even more, as I was.

Parenthetically, at the age of 18 I remember searching the Internet for examples of outstanding Black men who were living in the present and who notably successful in their own rights. Although more surely existed, I was only able to find a handful, comprised mostly of entertainers and athletes. Although there are surely more Black businessmen who exist, many of them may keep a low profile to avoid negative attention from a system that doesn't favor their success.

I was left asking myself, 'Where's my Black Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Bill Clinton?' How can my current generation of young Black minds be expected to think beyond our immediate circumstances when there are so few prominent Black figures for us to emulate?

For those who think that Barrack Obama's presidency would have no real relevance for making change for Blacks, I can say that you may be absolutely right. His presidency may make no difference in healing your old and broken spirit, or giving you a new sense of directions and possibilities, particularly now that you have had your shot, are licking your wounds, and have conformed to the stereotypes and roles of Blacks in American society (including the role of angry Black people who complain but do nothing about it.) But for the scores of young Black minds who are still wondering what is possible for them and their futures, Barack Obama's presidency represents a new hope and a new possibility.

Barack Obama may not instill any barrier-breaking policies or personally hand you a reparations check, but his mere victory would represent for Black young people a new era in what we believe is possible. That, by itself, might not take every kid off the streets and out of gangs. But those who hope for nothing will fall for anything. If Black older people want younger Blacks to hope and to aspire and to strive to build a better America, then they will respect our younger need for hope and support Barack Obama when he offers it to us.

I am insulted when I hear of a Black person who is not supporting Barack Obama. Who are you to deny me my opportunity to dream bigger than even I, as a free-thinker, have been able to dream. Hillary Clinton can offer me nothing in terms of policy that is more valuable than hope (and she can always be vice president and implement those policies without crushing the dreams of Black young people).

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hillary Clinton Supporter Says Obama is " Guess who is Coming to Dinner"

AAPP says: Hillary Clinton and her negro surrogates are at it again. This time it's Robert L. Johnson, (below) right, the founder of BET, greeted Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton at a rally in Columbia, S.C. Hillary and her surrogates are not making many black friends with this racial talk of "Guess who is coming to dinner." Check out blogger Gina at What About Our Daughters for her thoughts of this mess. The Field Negro is right.

(Photo: Todd Heisler/The New York Times)

Robert L. Johnson, right, the founder of BET, greeted Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton at a rally in Columbia, S.C.

The NY Times reports, Robert L. Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, who is campaigning today in South Carolina with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, just made a suggestion that raised the specter of Barack Obama’s past drug use. He also compared Mr. Obama to Sidney Poitier, the black actor, in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.”

At a rally here for Mrs. Clinton at Columbia College, Mr. Johnson was defending recent comments that Mrs. Clinton made regarding Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She did not mean to take any credit away from him, Mr. Johnson said, when she said that it took President Johnson to sign the civil rights legislation he fought for

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Dr. King had led a “moral crusade,” Mr. Johnson said, but such crusades have to be “written into law.”

“That is the way the legislative process works in this nation and that takes political leadership,” he said. “That’s all Hillary was saying.”

He then added: “And to me, as an African-American, I am frankly insulted that the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues since Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood –­ and I won’t say what he was doing, but he said it in the book –­ when they have been involved.”

Moments later, he added: “That kind of campaign behavior does not resonate with me, for a guy who says, ‘I want to be a reasonable, likable, Sidney Poitier ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.’ And I’m thinking, I’m thinking to myself, this ain’t a movie, Sidney. This is real life.”

A former Clinton campaign official in New Hampshire had to resign last month after he publicly suggested that Republicans would probably use Mr. Obama’s drug use in his youth, which he first wrote about in his memoirs, against him.

Update: 5 p.m. Mr. Johnson just released this statement, through the Clinton campaign:

My comments today were referring to Barack Obama’s time spent as a community organizer, and nothing else. Any other suggestion is simply irresponsible and incorrect.

“When Hillary Clinton was in her twenties she worked to provide protections for abused and battered children and helped ensure that children with disabilities could attend public school.

That results oriented leadership — even as a young person — is the reason I am supporting Hillary Clinton.”

Update: 6:30 p.m. Bill Burton, an Obama campaign spokesman said: “His tortured explanation doesn’t hold up against his original statement. And it’s troubling that neither the campaign nor Senator Clinton — who was there as the remark was made – is willing to condemn it as they did when another prominent supporter recently said a similar thing.” More HERE


Bob Johnson Criticizes Obama

BET Chief Slams Obama in SC

Obama to Clinton: I didn't make that `ill-advised' remark on King

Clinton and Obama Getting Nasty

Hillary faces uphill battle in crucial primary

Friday, January 4, 2008

Will black voters switch their allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, now that he has won Iowa?

Yes you heard me! Hillary and Bill Clinton have used Black Voters Long Enough!

I'm no Fox News Fan or a huge fan of Juan Williams for that matter, but Juan Williams gets it right many times, and is right when he said, Blacks Support Clinton Because Of “Patronage Politics.”

Unfortunately, Ellen at News Hounds just does not get it. As she reported on the blog News Hounds, During special coverage of the Iowa caucuses on FOX News last night (1/3/08), African American Juan Williams, a FOX News contributor, spoke stirringly about what a historic night it had been for America that a predominantly white state had selected a black man as its leading candidate for a presidential nomination.

Ellen goes on to report that a few moments later, "he (Juan Williams) smeared his own race with the dubious claim that the reason blacks love the Clintons is because of “patronage politics” that delivered money and other favors for their community."

Ellen, I say, "wake up and smell the bacon, the Clintons have been doing exactly that for years. mainly for alleged "black leaders" for many special pork barrel projects that never impacted in a positive way in African American communities."

Will blacks switch their allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama , now that he has won Iowa? I'm in agreement with Juan Williams when he responded, “It’s gotta introduce the idea that people saying, ‘Wait a minute. I can be a part of history, something very special going on here' and it introduces also identity politics to a new level, that you just take pride in the accomplishments of this incredible young man. But on the other hand, the reason that the numbers were reflective of a Clinton win so far among African Americans, is because Bill Clinton had practiced what I would call ‘patronage politics’ for so long. People had gotten money, they’d gotten paid, they knew exactly that they could rely on Clinton as a pipeline for support in the black community, in the black churches, all the way down to the community centers. They knew how that worked. They don’t know Barack Obama. They don’t know that they can trust him to deliver. They don’t know if he’s got to make a show of favoring whites or suburbanites in order to prove his bona fides with that part of the electorate."

Ellen writes that Williams’ comments were nasty and cynical assessment of Clinton’s popularity with blacks. WTF!

Check this out, she even goes into Williams did not take into account many other factors, such as his (Bill Clinton's) personal knack for relating to African Americans. Double WTF! And get this, she says that he relates so much to black people that Toni Morrison was moved to call him the “first black president.”

AAPP: Wholly Sh**! Not the First Black President Bull sh** again.

Here is the real facts, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have been willing to throw black poor under the train with a Welfare Reform program that did not work, NAFTA that took millions of jobs from blacks and placed into the hands of China, Japan, Vietnam and other countries, while throwing Sistah Souljah under the bus as part of the process.

So, Ms. Ellen, your post was well intended, but your facts were wrong. The fact of the matter is Bill and Hillary Clinton may really like black people, (I have my doubts) yet, they more importantly want to get elected and they know the importance of the black vote in order to get elected, and they are willing to use a new Southern Strategy to make it happen. Now the big question is... Will Blacks switch their allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, now that he has won in Iowa? Or Could Black Voters Trip Up Obama?

That's my observations -what are yours?