Monday, February 4, 2008

It's the Hillary Clinton Middle Class Black Vote Shuffle, Better known as, "Yes-Um Boss"

My early morning Rant

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It's interesting to see all of these black political clowns, handkerchief heads, and a number of black preachers say to blacks that we should vote for Hillary Clinton because her husband was (code words) ' a good white man."

Many of these black political "yes em" types, even sound like they are in the deep south (after reconstruction) during a county seat election in which a black man had the audacity to run for political office. You know the type, a smart, educated black man comes back home after getting a east coast education. and decides to run against Mr. Charlie. Mr. Charlie goes to the preacher and says, "now you know I treats you negroes good, now you just go out there and tell your negro friends what a great white man I have been for you. Tell them, "I'm just as black" is that smart that smart ass nigger who is running against Mr. Charlie. You can even tell those black guys, "I've had sexual relations with just as many black woman as that smart ass nigger." And that is exactly what they (Bill and Hillary) did in late 2007 and early 2008, they had Andrew Young come out and say this:

Now there are those middle and upper middle class black folks running around talking about, "I can vote for anyone I want, this is America." I'm voting for Billary because she is more qualified than Obama. Whatever! No you have been bamboozled, you have been took, you have been lead astray, you are now that black man in the county seat ready to vote for the black man, but were told don't you dare vote for that black man, don't you vote for that smart ass nigger who has the audacity to run against Mr. Charlie (in this case Mr. Charlie's wife) and you have bought into the hype about how good they have been for us.

Let's see if those blacks who think that way are out of touch with the masses of black folks across America who will vote on Super Tuesday. Let's see if South Carolina was a fluke?

This may be the last time in for many black baby boomers, and those who fought the great civil rights fights lifetime, that they will have an opportunity to ever vote for a viable black presidential candidate. At least Caroline Kennedy and others can see the moment, it's too bad there are a few blacks of middle class status who can't.

But that's just my opinion. What's yours?

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