Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Black Voters Smack Down" Black Political Leaders - Support Obama!

Obama is for Real

Change is coming to America.

"The votes are still being counted in cities and towns across America," Obama told supporters in Chicago, Illinois. "But there is one thing on this February night that we do not need the final results to know: Our time has come. Our movement is real. And change is coming to America."

Shaking all over … Senator Obama campaigns in Hartford, Connecticut.

WaPo reports: "Obama won about eight in 10 African Americans, a trend that put him over the top in Georgia and Alabama." More HERE

WaPo also reports Obama received four in 10 white voters in Georgia and fared better among white men there than he had in an earlier racially polarized race in South Carolina, giving his campaign a chance to claim that he had broadened his support in the intervening weeks. Victories in Connecticut and North Dakota bolstered that claim."

AAPP: If not for California Billary Clinton probably would not be in the presidential race. there is general agreement that the extended primary battle may help Obama.

He won overwhelming African-American support despite early endorsements of Clinton by black political handkerchief heads. Black folks were not drinking that Kool Aid any more.

Obama kicked butt across Midwestern and Rocky Mountain states with mostly white populations -- Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, North Dakota and Kansas, showing he can go head to head against team Clinton.

WaPo reports, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won victories over Sen. Barack Obama in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York last night, giving her presidential campaign a crucial boost. But Obama countered by winning a string of states, including the general election battleground of Missouri, in the seesaw race for the Democratic nomination.

AAPP: Billary may be smiling now, but she may not be smiling in a few months.
Even Republicans like Obama, and lets not talk about independents.


Get this, Obama also won primaries in Alaska and Utah, say what!

He also won Delaware, Connecticut and his home state of Illinois. reports are that he holds a slight lead in New Mexico's primary.

It's all about the delegates baby!

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Anonymous said...

A black guy will be our next president regardless whether the white crackers like it or not

Anonymous said...

I don't thinks terms like "white crackers" is an appropriate phrase to use. I don't think it's his color but the change that it would bring, just the same as hillary being a female, that scares the american population.

Francis Holland said...

I agree that the "W.C" phraase used above is absolutely inappropriate and unhelpful, because it will only be used to discredit the people and the campaigns with whom which such phrases become associated. However, this blog has a policy of not deleting material and the policy will be followed, even in this egregious case.

Anonymous said...

I definitely respect Obama and he has proven himself a viable candidate. I still think that anyone demographic voting nearly 90% for a particular candidate has more to do with SELF identity than liking a nominees policy issues.

Hillary is still a very strong candidate holding her own in most non-sexist states. If anything the polls have told us is that the youth are unaware of sex descrimmination in the work place. Try a field like engineering on for size to get a real sense of how the men of this country feel. Obama as of now is overwhelmingly getting the joiner youth vote, the well educated and well to do, men, as well as nearly 90% of black democratic voters which make up a huge majority of democratic votes in general. Hillary is still hugely popular with baby boomers, women, Asian Americans, Latinos, and the typical blue collar worker those earning $50,000 grand or less (reason her fundraising isn't as great). In the end Obama will not do as well as the media hype and unfortunately his support will falter. I do believe Hillary will ultimately get the nomination despite lacking her rightfully earned delegates from Michigan and Florida two HUGE swing states. Those for Obama can take solice in the fact that he will most likely get her VP slot and go on to be an experienced President after her 8 years of service.

Obama won state, but they were states with very few delegates typically (Idaho, Alaska, Delaware) and also caucuses. Hillary never does well in caucuses because her base is too old to go out that late and site for so long and also they are typically shift workers. Luckily we have a popular vote for the real election and she DID win that. Obama is great, but honestly anyone whose platform is centered around change I am quite weary of. He is a politician after all, and just like everyone of them has taken lobbyist monies and illegal campaign contributions from not so great people such as Rezko. No one is perfect, but if you are running on perfection, it is like living in a glass house expecting your walls to hold up agaisnt the stones of the Republicans. He may get the nomination, but I fear deeply for our party come November. I am true blue and will always vote democrat, but I do hope and pray more people researched their candidates on Wiki and the nominees websites. I just want a democrat in the White House again like the 90's when there was much peace and great prosperity.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Bill Clinton falls asleep at MLK celebration




Anonymous said...

The attempt to throw out the result of a secret ballot in Florida and bully the state into a Mob-style caucus does not draw me towards Obama.
If you lose then you lose. If you try and throw out the result and rig the vote another way it says very little except that his campaign has not an ounce of decency in the way it works.

Anonymous said...

What change is Obama offering? Just a black president, that's it. I only hear from his speech change change change and nothing else. He doesn't even take Q&A from his supporters.

America, wake up. Check on your candidate and do not be taken in by the momentum. Once the reality sets in, it will be for another 4 years at least. By then, America will be down down down all the way.

This election is about saving the country, not change. Obama can gain experience in the next 4 years, and by then, if he proves to be good, you can consider him, but you know nothing about this guy.

With Clinton, you already know the good and bad about her and I guess you people have forgotten the comfortable 8 years we enjoyed with Clinton presidency.

This is a country we are talking about. You made the mistake 8 years ago, you don't have another 4years to make the same mistake.

In a well respective city like Singapore, he will be kicked out of the race from Day 1 by the smart citizens once he is known to have taken drugs. That is how strict Singapore view their candidate.

Here in America, you people have no value at all. You have already lost respect from the world with George Bush, now you are losing respect for yourself with a candidate who took drugs, and a question mark 'Muslim' hanging with his middle name - Hussain. Be wary, America!