Monday, May 16, 2011

"Obama Working to Rebuild [Rusty and Dry-Rotted] Grassroots Army (AP)"

Every time I read a headline like ,"Obama working to rebuild grassroots army (AP)," I feel angry at President Obama.  Why did Obama let the grassroots army go fallow in the first place?  Maybe it was because he was going to capitulate on the public option and didn't want his supporters to vocally tell the media that Obama had lost his mind?

President Obama is an intelligent man, and so I can't understand why he hasn't run the "permanent campaign" of Bill Clinton instead of winning the race and then effectively, passively, telling all of his supporters that the war was over and they could go home?

This idiotic strategy was Obama's "Mission Accomplished".  He should have known that people supported him because he gave them something to do to make the country better, and those same people were waiting for marching orders that would keep them busy until the next presidential election.  NOTHING had been accomplished with the election of President Obama, except his election.  All of the work lay ahead of the Obama forces, yet Obama ignored his student cadres, his union supporters, and even his war room to beat back Republican attacks on Democratic priorities.  There is a strong argument to be made that Obama lost the Congress in 2010 because he ignored his ground troops in 2008 after the Election, and in 2009 and 2010.

There is a significant difference between working on your supporters' priorities and getting your supporters working and active to push their priorities through Congress.  When Obama went silent for months on national health care in 2009, he failed to provide the leadership that his own supporters needed in order to push a common agenda.

The radios went silent, the requests for help (even financial help) disappeared, and Obama seems to have believed he had to turn his attention (and his political machine's attention) toward making the sausage in Washington that nobody wanted to eat.

OK, that's not fair.  Obama has done a lot of important things in office, so would someone kindly remind me what they were?  That's the first part of getting Obama's most ardent supporters to vote themselves in 2012, never mind organizing them to get their friends, families and communities to vote.  Like the aftermath to the bombing of the Twin Towers, Obama's comportment since he was elected has been a missed opportunity to bring his forces to the fore, to fight together for a common agenda.

"Obama working to rebuild grassroots army (AP)" is a polite way of saying, "Obama built a grass roots army for 2008, forgot about it and neglected it for two years, and only now realizes that the same army that he ignored for two years will be now be necessary for his re-election in 2012.  There's something weird going on in Obama-land.

Why didn't Obama call out this army to fight for national health care?  Why didn't Obama call out this army to avoid losing the US House in 2010?  Why didn't Obama call out this army to insist on immediately building wind power and solar energy resources when the Democrats had the US Congress, so that Republicans would have to tear them down to get rid of them?

Why did brilliant Obama act so arrogant and self-sufficient for two years when arrogance and self-sufficiency and autocracy were do bloody dumb? It's not too late for Obama to win in 2012, but it's too late to prevent two years of a Republican House and it's too late to prevent the demise of the public option.

Look at the bright side:  "Obama (is) working to rebuild [Rusty and Dry-Rotted] grassroots army (AP)".  If he hadn't left his car in a ditch for the last two years, then he wouldn't need to rebuild it in or to get it running again.

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