Sunday, September 16, 2007

Edwards Camp Acknowledges, Ignores Democratic Afrosphere Criticisms

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John Edwards Calls Obama "Kumbaya" Candidate,
While Edwards Camp Practices Blog Apartheid

Yesterday afternoon, at the Democratic Afrosphere blog, I published an article strongly criticizing Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards for referring to Barack Obama as a "Kumbaya" politician, for implying that only a white male candidate can "run anywhere," for Edwards' staff's apparent failure to include any Black bloggers on an Edwards bloglist at DailyKos, and for Edwards' wife insistence that Edwards runs with as the underdog in 2008 because he is a white man!

In fact, these statements have caused considerable consternation in the Afrosphere (the Black blogosphere), and have caused many Black bloggers and voters to decide conclusively that they will not support John Edwards and will instead oppose his candidacy. John Edwards is not ready for prime time in the Black community.

John Edwards Calls Obama "Kumbaya" Candidate, While Edwards Camp Practices Blog Apartheid

This morning at 2:21:53 AM, the Edwards campaign in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (see graphic above) received an e-mail regarding the Democratic Afrosphere article and visited the blog to review the article. However, the Edwards campaign still has not addressed the criticisms, still has not apologized for the offensive statements, and still has not addressed the apartheid blogging policies of its supporters in the whitosphere.


Anonymous said...

The readers of this site deserve to know your dishonesty in this post. To that end, here is the comment thread from your personal site.

I comment:

The Edwards camp has acknowleged nothing. The hit you show is for a 0 second duration and 2:21 AM. Since it is impossible for a human to hit a site for less than a second, that hit had to be a system generated hit, therefore, the Edwards camp is probably not even aware it happened.

Since the referring URL is from an email, it is quite likely the hit you tout was generated by their email server. Who do you suppose sent that email .... huh?

September 16, 2007 10:30 PM

You replied:

I'd love to know the answers to all of your questions.

You seem to be asserting that even though half a dozen Black blogs are criticizing Edwards about the same thing, he's ignorant about it. He's being criticized but he doesn't acknowledge it. Well, if that's what you think Edwards policy is, you have a right to your opinion as well.

September 16, 2007 10:47 PM

I replied:
You misunderstand my opinion. That is an entirely different debate.

The opinion I am expressing is that you have been blatantly dishonest. You state that the "Edwards camp acknowledges, ignores criticism..."

Here is the full Referring URL shown in Mr. Hollands claim:
"http:/" + _
"URL=http:/" + _ "2007/09/john-edwards-calls-obama-kumbaya.html"
(one "/" omitted from "http://" for presentation)

The hit you so proudly display was generated by MS Exchange (exchweb). It was automatically executed my Mr. Edwards' server (redir.asp) to authenticate the URL of a link contained in an email someone (presumably you) sent their campaign.

An automated reaction to your email is NOT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Therefore your claim is blatantly dishonest.

So let's ignore the strawmen and discuss what I AM claiming, which is that you are being dishonest.

September 17, 2007 8:36 AM

Francis Holland said...

Anonymous: :)

AAPP said...

Francis, I read the Anonymous communication sent to you. This techi is very knowledgeable. You could have deleted his messages, but you didnot. I think this shows your honesty. You had nothing to hide, you made some logical assumptions. They were not dishonest assumptions they were just that assumptions. Your not deleting his messages shows your character. YUou have nothing to hide. We all make statements that upon looking at new information one stands corrected. I noted in your smile back to the anonymous writer than that may be the case. But, for the tech person to claim your dishonest in your post, to me on balance does not wash.