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Afrosphere Bloggers Say, "Concede Now, Hillary!"

Afrosphere Seeks Voter Justice in Democratic Party

Press Release For Immediate Release
Afrosphere Action Coalition Announces
Day of Blogging for Voter Justice on March 25, 2008
Online Petition Asking Hillary Clinton to Concede Nomination
Cincinnati, OH - March 20, 2008 - The Afrosphere Action Coalition (AAC) is circulating an online petition to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), to super-delegates, and calling upon Senator Hillary Clinton to "face the reality of the earned delegates count, concede defeat, and thereby contribute to healing a wound which is opening and continues to widen" in the Party. Therefore, the AAC sponsors a "Day of Blogging for Voter Justice."
As the Democratic nomination contest wears on, Senator Clinton wages an increasingly divisive campaign, throwing the "kitchen sink" at Senator Barack Obama, recklessly alienating and dismissing as inconsequential those states with large Black populations; white states like Iowa and Vermont, and states with Republicans, like Wyoming and Montana. In fact, Clinton discounts every state that she fails to win.
Behind in the earned delegate count and the popular vote, Clinton's desperate political tactics threaten to split the long-standing Democratic Party coalition. AAC utterly rejects Senator Clinton's seeming endorsement of the other party's candidate's experience, should she fail to win her own party's nomination. It's unprecedented. If she cannot win enough earned delegates under the current process then it appears Clinton seeks self-serving rules changes or to win in a smoke-filled room.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 2008 Democratic National Committee Convention Chair said, "If the votes of the Super-Delegates overturn what's happened in the elections, it would be harmful to the Democratic Party."
The Afrosphere Action Coalition concurs with Speaker Pelosi and therefore calls upon the DNC, super-delegates and Hillary Clinton to "end her relentless war against established Party principles and constituencies and concede defeat in the nominating process." Only by dramatically rigging the process could Mrs. Clinton hope to win, which voters would reject as invalid. "Hillary's divisiveness could lead to four more years of George W. Bush's disastrous economic and foreign policies."
Therefore, on Tuesday, March 25, 2008, the Afrosphere Action Coalition will conduct a Day of Blogging For Voter Justice. Coalition members and friends will blog to insist that our votes, earned delegates and established rules be honored. "We must unite behind our nominee in March, not August." If you are not a blogger, you can still support this effort by signing the online petition.
This is a nonpartisan effort to increase participation in the political process. If you have questions or wish to discuss further you can reach out to any member of the Afrosphere Action Coalition including Yobachi Boswell, Wayne Hicks, Francis Holland or Daz Wilson.
About Afrosphere Action Coaltion
AAC is a coalition of Afrosphere bloggers who first coalesced around the Jena 6 issue and have since taken actions via the net to bring awareness or to call people to action on various issues including AIDS and Darfur.
About Electronic Village
Electronic Village, founded in January 2007, is a blog created to share information and dialogue that is uplifting to people of African descent. This blog recently celebrated its 1-year anniversary ranked in the Top 35 of all Black blogs.
Afrosphere Action Coalition
Yobachi Boswell (615) 478-5204
Wayne Hicks (513) 362-2703
Electronic Village
Wayne Hicks, Blogger
(513) 362-2703
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Campaign for Senator Clinton to Concede Now

By Yobachi Boswell and Francis L. Holland, Esq.

The Afrosphere Action Coalition and the

Committee To Unite the Democratic Party

Read about this initiative here.

Sign the Petition here.

See Press Release here.

See AOL News coverage here.

Bloggers Participating in the Day of Blogging For Voter Justice should sign up with your name (real or internet handle) and FULL url address (example: in the comments.

1. Francis L. Holland

2. D. Yobachi Boswell

3. Villager

4. PurpleZoe

5. Sojourner’s Place

6. Vanessa Byers

7. JD

8. MrsGrapevine

9. Sincere

10. Credo

11. Black Women in Europe

12. Belizebound

13. Shawn Williams

14. MarvalusOne

15. Rock &

16. Anne-Marie McReynolds


18. Phil


20. Gunfighter

21. Tom

22. InvisibleWoman

23. Baratunde and

24. Marcus E. Carter

25. Terry Howcott

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Poll Shows African American Community Abandoning Democratic Party

Hat Tip:


Anyone that's ever worked in politics can tell you at least one truism: the Democratic Party needs the African American community to win elections. Statistically, our party thrives off the black vote; in any given year it breaks for Democrats 85-90% of the time. Generally, African Americans are located in higher percentages close to America's urban centers. One look at the 2004 presidential county breakdown map shows you how important those urban centers, and by association, the black vote, is to our party.

Over the weekend I had a conversation with black bloggers from Jack and Jill Politics, Pam's House Blend, African American Political Pundit, and others about the longterm risks this election could spell for the Democratic Party's working coalition - our big tent. There's a fear out there among some that the racial games that we've seen over this cycle could permanently or temporarily cripple the Democratic majority. Well, today we have hard evidence that crippling blows do indeed lay at our feet.

New polling released today from Ramussen shows a Clinton-McCain matchup with Hillary only retaining 55% of the African American vote. 55%!!!! Of course in this scenario Hillary loses (big in fact, 51%-41%), because we can't win without this demographic. It's impossible. Game over.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Blogger Racial Divide and Blogger Color Arousal

A national conversation about race. When will bloggers as a group address the issue?

wow, I just had the same conversation with Francis L. Holland last night. But the conversation we both thought about was more a national conversation about
Color Arousal and bloggers.

As part of that national conversation on race and color arousal, lets include a national conversation on blogger color arousal and the digital blogger divide.

You see what Barack Obama is talking about in the video below, has a lot to do with what is going on in America's blogger community as well. I'm reminded that much of the conversation about race in the presidential election is based on comments made by Hillary and Bill Clinton and their surrogates. I'm also reminded that Bill
Clinton and white bloggers met a year ago in Harlem NY without including black folks in the conversation. How interesting. Is there a "connection." ?

I'm reminded about a post a year or so ago, by Liza at the culture Kitchen when she wrote: "These are the 20 liberal bloggers that met with Bill Clinton in Harlem. As you can see, not one of them is black or latino.

Via Republic of T.

This photo proves that It's official : Hillary to run for President, so she kills the Liberal Blogosphere first.

I am just shocked at the glee with which Peter Daou has shown his disrespect for Pam Spaulding, Steve Gilliard, Louis Pagan, Chris Rabb, Earl Dunovant and me when he decided to not invite neither of us, or for that matter, any other black or latino bloggers.

Yes, Steve Gilliard, Pam Spaulding, and me have been vocal about Hillary's run for the presidency. You'd think though our opinions would be given the weight they deserve within the blogosphere itself --let's not even talk about the Clintonites or Washington.

Which is why I stand by what I said : In order for Hillary Clinton to run for president, she will do anything and everything to squash the voices of dissent raised through the progressive netroots. Stuffing their faces with lunch is one tasty way to go about it.

The more pressing question remains :

What does it mean though that there are 20 bloggers invited to this lunch and not one is black or latino? What does it mean for this group of bloggers to be patting themselves on the backs for being with Clinton when they are all in Harlem and not one of them is a person of color? What does it mean for these people to be there and have not one of them raise this issue in their blogs?" More HERE

Has Anything change? Yes, The Afrospear was created because other bloggers did not want to have a discussion regarding color arousal politics, or a national conversation on blogger color arousal and the continuing blogger divide. I Guess francis Holland is in many ways right.

The New Organizing Institutes' Blogger Summit has begun a real national conversation with bloggers about the blogger divide. Leading in that conversation included black bloggers like Pam Spaulding from Pam's House Blend, Citizen Journalist, Faye Anderson of Anderson at Large. Barantunde from Jack and Jill Politics, Gabriel from the Color of Change , Brandon Q, from The Super Spade, Field Negro, and Kevin Myles, president of the Wichita Branch of the NAACP.

Now the question is whether the Pseudo-Progressive 'A list' bloggers like DailyKos, MYDD, and others will continue the conversation started by Pam Spaulding, Steve Gilliard, Louis Pagan, Chris Rabb, Earl Dunovant, Francis L. Holland and others. Recently continued by The New Organizing Institutes' Blogger Summit. The engagement in a national conversation on Color arousal/Race and the Blogger Divide is a critical conversation. Or will this just be allowed to fester, because we can't handle the truth?

Hat Tip to all the bloggers who held it down, and worked to address the issue of the continuing blogger divide. Folks like, Liza, Francis L. Holland, Louis Pagan, Chris Rabb, and Earl Dunovant.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Senator Clinton Must Concede Defeat and Support the Democratic Presidential Ticket

The signatories to this statement agree and urge that Senator Hillary Clinton must concede defeat in her quest for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination and must support the Democratic ticket, wherefore:

(1) The Democratic Party base has spoken. The delegate count shows that Senator Hillary Clinton cannot win the nomination on the strength of earned delegates, based on the will of the voters.

(2) Mrs. Clinton’s political attacks upon Senator Barack Obama have increasingly appealed to and sought to increase resentment against others based on the color of their skin.

(3) This divisiveness is regrettable because, via the presidential candidacy of Senator Obama, the vast majority of African-Americans stand united with millions of white Americans and Americans of all colors, genders, ethnicities and religious backgrounds, erasing divisions to implement a program of Democratic change.

(4) It appears that Mrs. Clinton is about to shatter this historic unity.

(5) We therefore call on Mrs. Clinton to face the reality of the earned delegates count, concede defeat, and thereby contribute to healing a wound which is opening and continues to widen.

(6) Mrs. Clinton must wholeheartedly support the winner of the nomination, who has earned the most delegates, and devote herself honestly and enthusiastically to defeating Republican electoral hopes in 2008, not attacking Democratic politicians and Democratic constituencies.

(7) Should the Democratic Party leadership nullify the people's votes by giving Mrs. Clinton the nomination, despite the popular will as represented by earned delegates, we would then call upon Obama supporters and Clinton supporters to withdraw their party affiliation, register as Independents, and express their objection to Hillary Clinton's politics at the polls.

We have survived eight years under President Bush and, if compelled to do so, we will survive four years under a President McCain. However, we cannot and will NOT survive the nullification of our most hard-won right - our votes.

The Afrosphere Committee to Unite the Democratic Party

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Geraldine Ferraro Is Trying to Divide Democrats Along Color Lines

AAPP: Well the former closet bigot, now out of the closet bigot, racist Surrogate and Fox News contributor, former 1984 vice presidential candidate who helped Walter Mondale lose 49 states, Geraldine Ferraro stood by her controversial and racist comments about Sen. Barack Obama's presidential candidacy today. to this AAPPundit It appears that Ferraro and Hillary are working to divide the Democratic party along racial lines.

"I am sorry that people think this was a racist comment," Ferraro said in an interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer on "Good Morning America."

The white female Affirmative Action candidate of the 1980's declined to apologize for the firestorm she created when she told a newspaper last week that "if Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position."

Get this, She told Sawyer she was "absolutely not" sorry for what she said.

Obama Ferarro
(Getty Images/AP Photo)

Hillary Clinton and her token
negro has ignored Geraldine Ferraro's bigoted and racist statements saying to a reporter in an interview with ABC News affiliate WHTM, "Well, I don't agree with that and I think it's important that we try to stay focused on issues that matter to the American people."

I guess racial hatred and bigotry within her campaign organization is not important to Hillary Clinton. I'm in agreement with Pam Spaulding, when she wrote,
has the Clinton team gone stark raving mad? I also wonder Since When Has It Been Lucky To Be Black In America? get this now Ferraro says: “They’re attacking me because I’m white!” Hey, I'm also beginning to wonder why do (some) feminists hate Barack Obama? But, guess what, one of my favorite bloggers just might be right when he wrote, Oh, She Just Hates Black Men. Ferraro's has a long history of this crap.

Speaking of long history, Look at the long campaign history of Hillary and Company
playing the race card through racial hatred towards Obama specifically and black folks in general:

Shuck and Jive

Clinton Supporter Andrew Cuomo, Referring To Obama, Said "You Can't Shuck
And Jive At A Press Conference. All Those Moves You Can Make With The Press
Don't Work When You're In Someone's Living Room." Clinton-supporting New
York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said the thing that's great about New
Hampshire is that you have to go out and meet people rather than "shuck and
jive" through press conferences there. Cuomo said of New Hampshire on an
Albany radio station: "It's not a TV-crazed race. Frankly, you can't buy
your way into it. You can't shuck and jive at a press conference. All those
moves you can make with the press don't work when you're in someone's living
room." [Newsday, 1/11/08]

Martin Luther King/Lydon Johnson Comparsion

Clinton, Criticizing Obama For Promising "False Hope" Said That While MLK Jr. Spoke On Behalf Of Civil Rights, President Lyndon Johnson Was The One Who Got Legislation Passed: "It Took A President To Get It Done." Clinton rejoined the running argument over hope and "false hope" in an interview in Dover this afternoon, reminding Fox's Major Garrett that while Martin Luther King Jr. spoke on behalf of civil rights, President Lyndon Johnson was the one who got the legislation passed. Hillary was asked about Obama's rejoinder that there's something vaguely un-American about dismissing hopes as false, and that it doesn't jibe with the careers of figures like John F. Kennedy and King. "Dr. King's dream began to be realized when President
Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act," Clinton said. "It took a president to get it done." [Politico, 1/7/08; Video]

Clinton Introducer Said JFK Gave Hope, But Was Assassinated. Clinton introducer: "If you look back, some people have been comparing one of the other candidates to JFK and he was a wonderful leader, he gave us a lot of hope but he was assassinated and Lyndon Baines Johnson actually did all his work and got the republicans to pass all those measures." [HRC, Dover, NH,

Nelson Mandela

Bill Clinton Implied Hillary Clinton Is Stronger Than Nelson Mandela. "I have been blessed in my life to know some of the greatest figures of the last hundred years. [...] I go to Nelson Mandela's birthday party every year and we're still very close. [...] But if you said to me, 'You've got one last job for your country but it's hazardous and you may not get out with life and limb intact and you have to do it alone except I'll let you take one other person, and I had to pick one person whom I knew who would never blink, who would never turn back, who would make great decisions [...] I wouldpick Hillary.'" [ABC News, 1/7/08; Audio]

Drug Use

Clinton's NH Campaign Chair Raised The Youthful Drug Use Of Obama And Said It Would "Open The Door To Further Queries On The Matter." Clinton's Campaign Issued A Statement Distancing Themselves From Shaheen's Comments And Shaheen Issued A Statement Saying That He "Deeply Regret[s] The Comments." The Democratic presidential race took on a decidedly nasty and personal turn, with the New Hampshire co-chair for Clinton, raising the
youthful drug use of Obama. Shaheen said Obama's having been so open -- as opposed to then-Gov. George W. Bush, who refused to detail his past drug use during his 2000 presidential campaign -- will "open the door to further queries on the matter. It'll be, 'When was the last time? Did you ever give drugs to anyone? Did you sell them to anyone?'" Shaheen said. "There are so many openings for Republican dirty tricks. It's hard to overcome." By the end of the day, Clinton campaign spokesman Phil Singer had issued a statement asserting that "these comments were not authorized or condoned by the campaign in any way." And Shaheen himself issued a statement: "I deeply regret the comments I made today and they were not authorized by the
campaign in any way." [ABC News, 12/12/07]

Mark Penn, In Trying To Defend His Campaign Over Bill Shaheen's Obama Drug Use Comments, Used The Word "Cocaine," Drawing A Rebuke From Edwards Adviser Joe Trippi. Mark Penn, defending the Clinton campaign in light of Bill Shaheen's comments about Obama's drug use, repeatedly referenced Obama's cocaine use. Edwards adviser Joe Trippi accused Penn of dropping the word "cocaine" deliberately. Mark Penn said "Well, I think we have made clear
that the -- the issue related to cocaine use is not something that the campaign was in any way raising. And I think that has been made clear. I think this kindergarten thing was a joke after Senator." Joe Trippie responded and said "I think he just did it again. He just did it again. ...
This guy's been filibustering on this. He just said cocaine again." [Politico, 12/13/07; Video]

Fairy Tale

Donna Brazile Lashed Into Bill Clinton For Comparing Obama To A "Fairy Tale" And Said "It's An Insult... As An African-American" And That His Tone And Words Are "Very Depressing." Donna Brazile lit into Bill Clinton over his insulting comments of Obama, where he called him a "fairy tale" and said "I could understand his frustration at this moment. But, look, he shouldn't
take out all his pain on Barack Obama. It's time that they regroup. Figure out what Hillary needs to do to get her campaign back on track. It sounds like sour grapes coming from the former commander in chief. Someone that many Democrats hold in high esteem. For him to go after Obama, using a fairy tale, calling him as he did last week. It's an insult. And I will tell you, as an African-American, I find his tone and his words to be very depressing. ... I think his tone, I think calling Barack Obama a kid, he is a United States senator." [Politico, 1/8/08]

Cross posted on African American Political Pundit


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Obama Calls Clinton's Offer of the V.P. Slot "Presumptuous"


Campaigning on Saturday, in Mississippi, former President Bill Clinton was quoted as saying his wife Hillary and Barack Obama would be a dynamic duo, "an almost unstoppable force." Reuters Similarly, Clinton surrogate Governor Edward Rendell of Pennsylvania told Meet the Press" about a Clinton/Obama ticket, "It would be a great ticket." Reuters

However, Senator Barack Obama is characterizing as "presumptuous" Hillary Clinton's suggestions that he accept the vice presidency on a "dream ticket". Obama said,

"With all due respect, I've won twice as many states as Senator Clinton. I've won more of the popular vote than Senator Clinton. I have more delegates than Senator Clinton," he said.

"So I don't know how somebody who is in second place is offering the vice presidency to the person who's in first place." Yahoo News

Former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota, an Obama backer, also mocked the idea, saying on Meet the Press,
It may be the first time in history that the person who is running number two would offer the person running number one the number two position. Reuters
The problem is that neither of these candidates can win enough delegates to clinch the nomination outright, but either of them can prevent the other from winning the presidency, by dragging a dirty and divisive nomination fight to the Convention and beyond.

Heading into Tuesday's primary, Obama had 1588 delegates while Clinton had 1468, according to a tally by independent website RealClearPolitics.

Neither can reach the winning line of 2,025 delegates, even if Florida and Michigan go ahead with emerging plans to repeat their contests after running afoul of the national party for holding their primaries early.

So barring a backroom deal prior to the convention, the nomination will rest in the hands of nearly 800 "superdelegates," Democratic luminaries who are under enormous pressure from the two campaigns to sway one way or another. Yahoo News

So, it's Clinton who should accept the vice presidency and its Barack Obama who should immediately offer it to her.

Let me offer an analogy: Two mountain climbers from opposing teams are stuck on Mount Kilimanjaro. They are the only two climbers left alive. It takes at least two people working together to get down the mountain, and each of them has only half of the gear necessary. While they argue over who will lead their two-person team down the mountain, the snow clouds are gathering around them, threatening to dump so much snow on them that neither of them will get out alive. What should they do? What if team members at a base camp are urging them by cell phone NEVER to work together under any circumstances?

Well, Clinton and Obama are about to answer the question of what they should NOT do, and then we may see them both snowed in and frozen out when the November election comes around.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hillary Clinton is a Color Aroused, Ignorant, Arrogant, Illogical and Condescending Race Baiter

AAPP: I get what Hillary Clinton and her surrogates, including, NBC are doing and saying to Obama: Get on the back of the bus! Boy!

Hillary and company are saying, Black folks have not payed their dues. Obama, you may be leading in the number of delegates, the number of votes, and the number of state primaries won, but your only able to be
Vice President Obama, and I Hillary Clinton, make the decision if you will be President of these here United States - Not The American People! I am so glad Obama is not hearing that get to the back of the bus conversation. She is illogical.

Check out the article by Mike Downing on
How Clinton camp justifies Obama as VP

Does Hillary Clinton believe Barack Obama is good enough to be a heartbeat away from the presidency but still a second-rate choice for commander-in-chief?

As Clinton’s campaign simultaneously questions Obama’s readiness to be commander-in-chief and enthusiastically promotes him as a vice-presidential choice should she win the nomination, a Clinton surrogate this morning made the unusual argument that Obama is “qualified” to be a heartbeat away from the presidency but still falls far short of Clinton’s readiness for the job.

Tim Russert, moderator for “Meet the Press,” bored in on the seeming inconsistency in questioning Pennsylvania Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell, a surrogate who appeared on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

While the Clinton campaign’s recent rhetoric suggests that Obama may not meet the standard of readiness voters would expect in a commander-in-chief, Rendell argued that Obama is in fact “ready” for the job.

Still, according to Rendell, his candidate’s "dream" vice-presidential pick is “not nearly as ready as Hillary Clinton is, there's no question about that.”

Here is the exchange:

RUSSERT: Would--do you think that Barack Obama would be acceptable as vice president?

RENDELL: Acceptable? I think it would be a dream to Democrats all over this country. Personally, for me, it would be a great ticket. I mean, I'm going to fight hard for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, whoever the candidate is. But put them together and I think it would give America a rare opportunity to experience something just incredibly wonderful.

RUSSERT: So, if you believe he's acceptable as vice president, one heartbeat away from the presidency, you believe that Barack Obama is qualified to be commander in chief.

RENDELL: I think he's qualified. I don't think he's as good a potential commander in chief right now as Hillary Clinton is. But I certainly think he's qualified. And I will work my heart out for him if he's our nominee, just as I know Tom will work his heart out for Senator Clinton if she's our nominee.

RUSSERT: It--that seems to be in conflict with some things that you have said and what Hillary Clinton has said. On Wednesday you sent out a statement from the Clinton campaign that says, "We want a president who's ready, not one we hope will one day be ready," suggesting Barack Obama is not ready. Hillary Clinton said this on Monday. Let's listen.


CLINTON: I think that I have a lifetime of experience that I will bring to the White House. I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience that he will bring to the White House. And Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002.

(End videotape)

RUSSERT: And she went on to offer these observations about a threshold for commander in chief. Let's listen.

(Videotape, Thursday)

CLINTON: I think it's imperative that each of us be able to demonstrate we can cross the commander in chief threshold, and I believe that I've done that. Certainly Senator McCain has done that. And, and you'll have to ask Senator Obama with respect to his candidacy.

(End videotape)

RUSSERT: So, Governor Rendell, if Barack Obama's qualified to be vice president, he has crossed the commander in chief threshold. Correct?

RENDELL: Well, I, I think he's ready. He's not nearly as ready as Hillary Clinton is, there's no question about that. But, look, make no mistake about it, he's a talented, dynamic politician and, and a, and a good senator, and I think he would make a fine president. Again, is he as experienced and as ready as Hillary Clinton? Nobody is. Tim, I've been talking to Democratic candidates since 1980, and Hillary Clinton is the best-prepared candidate I've ever talked to. Far better prepared than Bill Clinton was in 1992.

RUSSERT: But if, in fact, there's a possibility Obama may be the Democratic nominee, would it be better, in the interest of the Democratic Party, that the Clintons not suggest that he hasn't passed the threshold to be commander in chief?

RENDELL: Well, sure. Look, there, there's rhetoric in a campaign on all, on all sides, and I, I think the, the issue should be framed as ready compared to Hillary Clinton. And, and that's the way I would frame the issue going forward. To me, there's no contest. I don't think--it's not Barack Obama's fault. I think almost any of the other candidates would have fallen into the same category, ready but not as ready as Hillary

AAPP: No matter how many votes a black man has, Hillary would rather have us get to the back of the bus. Thank God Obama is having none of this color aroused nonsense and has told Hillary to dream on.


Personally I seriously wonder why Hillary and her surrogates seem to want America to go back to this period in American history (pictured below).

Ku Klux Klansmen beat black bystander George Webb in the Birmingham Trailways station, May 14, 1961.Ku Klux Klansmen beat black bystander George Webb in the Birmingham Trailways bus station, May 14, 1961. The man with his back to the camera (center right) is FBI undercover agent Gary Thomas Rowe. Oxford University Press

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Election o8: the Hillary Clinton campaign, Black Women, Black men and The Three Faces of Hillary Clinton

Coming to a community near you! The Three Faces of Hillary Clinton

I Guess Hillary Clinton's True Colors are coming out. Now that black voters have all but abandoned Hillary Clinton, the wife of the former, 1st Black president (whatever), Hillary is having a ball calling black folks out.

The Race-Baiter Won the Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas Primaries." Yes, I'm in agreement wih Rikyrah and her Morning After Thoughts about Hillary and company.

Yes, Team Billary Clinton's Primary "Wins" were color aroused. Hillary has proven that there is no low that she will not stoop to in order to become the first woman president of the United States. Good thinking people are becoming rabidly anti-Billary and donot appreciate the fear-mongering.