Friday, May 9, 2008

Hillary and Bill Clinton: The Long Color Aroused GoodBye

The Clintons are at it again, first its Hillary's "white Americans" comments in another color aroused and bigoted statements about her white support. then its Bill Clinton Angrily Defending Hillary's Healthcare History. Yes, its classic Clintons making a classic color aroused case that she is the white women who understands white people. Jack and Jill Politics calls it WHITE APPEAL!

As MYDD blogger kbuggy noted, "The broad consensus is that Hillary's comments are clearly deepening rifts in the Democratic party and hurting the party's chances in the fall. Are you listening superdelegates." Yes, she thinks White Americans” Prefer her.

As blogger,The Conscientious Objector noted in a recent post, "Okay, it's my understanding this bitch is now saying that young people, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other American people who are NOT white or who have college educations do NOT work hard for a living? Gimme a break pah- leeeze."

AAPP: I guess this is Hillary and Bill The Long Color Aroused Goodbye.

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