Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Handkerchief Head? Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou Race Traitor? or color aroused?

AAPP: I'm with Brown Sugar who says:

"Sigh. I'm done. I'm so tired of Black folk with slave mentality's I don't know what to do. This is just ridiculous. I supposed if Clinton had called her a Nigger to her face she'd still be talking about, "She is able to look through complexion and see community."

AAPP: Yes, Maya Angelou is a great poet and a aging house negro icon who feels her new calling is to be a 21st Century Handkerchief Head for Hillary and Bill.

OK, she is 80 years old, Icon in the black cultural movement, but I know some 80 year old woman who will not disgrace our people, and they are not Icon's.

Yes, she has a right to endorse anyone she wants too. I only wish she used the common sense of
Tom Hanks.


ThatDeborahGirl said...

So hard on our own people we are. To hear Maya Angelou disparaged as a "house negro"...

Damn. Dayamn. That's just wrong on so many levels.

I've been tripping on white folks for not understanding that all black folks don't think alike and then to read something like that- that implies we should or face such harsh judgment from our own.

That hurts.

Anonymous said...

You, "thatdeborahgirl" are kidding me right? Nobody's being harsh, it's the truth about Maya whom I never liked because her poetry isn't that great and she is just what he called her, a modern day house negroe. Sweetie, anytime you have a woman 80 years old and black who witnessed white girls taunting her father without their panties on in his candy store so he could wink at them at get hanged, (from her own words) and not be for a man who looks like her father and support the very type of white woman who she was disgraced by, then yes, I would say that she is the number one house negroe, hankerchiefhead negro, all of that... good day