Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wisconsin State Rep. Nass Requests State AG Investigation of Therapist/Client Sex Case, Milwaukee Child Welfare

Wisconsin State Representative Steve Ness has written to the Attorney General of the State of Wisconsin, requesting an investigation into the Peter J. Nelson Therapist/Client Sex case, saying he believes that is a strong basis in law for an investigation to commence that could lead to prosecution of the offending therapist, a white man who took two children away from a Black female client, then fathered another child with her and took that child away as well. Representative Ness has also issued the letter as a press release on his website.

Rep. Nass: Letter to AG Van Hollen requesting investigation of social worker and DCF

August 28, 2009

J.B. Van Hollen, Attorney General
Wisconsin Department of Justice
PO Box 7857
Madison, WI 53707

RE: Department of Children and Families and Social Worker Peter J. Nelsen

Dear Attorney General Van Hollen:

I am requesting that your agency commence an investigation into the conduct of Peter J. Nelsen, former social worker in the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. Based on the reporting of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (MJS), Mr. Nelsen while employed under state authority may have violated the administrative code of ethics for social workers and state law by engaging in sexual contact with a client, Ms. Theola Nealy.

Mr. Nelsen came into contact with the client as part of his duties to investigate a report of child abuse involving Ms. Nealy’s two children. As a result of Mr. Nelsen’s official duties, he entered into a sexual relationship with Ms. Nealy leading to the birth of a child. The MJS story alleges that Mr. Nelsen hid his inappropriate conduct from officials in the department even though he was involved with the review of potential child abuse by Ms. Nealy. Ms. Nealy alleges that the sexual relationship was in exchange for Mr. Nelsen’s assistance in keeping custody of her two children.

Once the department learned of Mr. Nelsen’s conduct, he was allowed to resign on April 15, 2009. There is ample basis for the Wisconsin Department of Justice to review Mr. Nelsen’s conduct to determine if he abused his governmental powers and violated Wisconsin law.

More at Rep. Ness's website.


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