Saturday, November 1, 2008

McCain Implicitly and Tacitly Concedes He's Unprepared for Oval Office

John McCain's campaign has been telling audiences and America that Barack Obama's preparations for the the Oval Office are presumptuous. If McCain really believes this, then he must also believe that it would be presumptuous for McCain to make preparations for the Oval Office. If so, we can assume that McCain hasn't made any preparations and would take the country on a seat-of-its-pants roller coaster ride, much like McCain's own disjointed and lousy presidential campaign.

Are we really supposed to believe that McCain has made no preparations to take office? Yes, because McCain is so unlikely to win. Aside from promising plum ambassadorships to political contributors based on the amount of their contributions and bundling, John McCain is probably being entirely honest when he implicitly declaims having made any preparations for a transition. McCain is just as unprepared as his criticisms of Obama's preparations imply.

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Stuck in my head said...

Good point.

Good thing he did not win, huh?