Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bill Clinton Praises John McCain says Obama could only achieve greatness in time

Bill Clinton is still hating on Barack Obama and Lov'n John McCain. Bill Clinton was on this Sunday's Meet the Press giving all sorts of praises and acculades to John McCain. Get this folks, Tom Brokaw then asked, "Would you use the same words for [Obama] that you have used for Senator McCain, that you admire him and that you think he's a great man?"

Clinton acting his color aroused self, responded by saying, "Well, I don't -- look, I had my first conversation with him in my entire life In Harlem."

AAPP: Oh no he didn't, so Bill Clinton does not think Barack is a great man, because he never sat down and talked with Senator Obama until the two had lunch in September? Hell, I have never met Barack Obama, and I know he is great man.

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