Sunday, March 30, 2008

Afrosphere Bloggers Say, "Concede Now, Hillary!"

Afrosphere Seeks Voter Justice in Democratic Party

Press Release For Immediate Release
Afrosphere Action Coalition Announces
Day of Blogging for Voter Justice on March 25, 2008
Online Petition Asking Hillary Clinton to Concede Nomination
Cincinnati, OH - March 20, 2008 - The Afrosphere Action Coalition (AAC) is circulating an online petition to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), to super-delegates, and calling upon Senator Hillary Clinton to "face the reality of the earned delegates count, concede defeat, and thereby contribute to healing a wound which is opening and continues to widen" in the Party. Therefore, the AAC sponsors a "Day of Blogging for Voter Justice."
As the Democratic nomination contest wears on, Senator Clinton wages an increasingly divisive campaign, throwing the "kitchen sink" at Senator Barack Obama, recklessly alienating and dismissing as inconsequential those states with large Black populations; white states like Iowa and Vermont, and states with Republicans, like Wyoming and Montana. In fact, Clinton discounts every state that she fails to win.
Behind in the earned delegate count and the popular vote, Clinton's desperate political tactics threaten to split the long-standing Democratic Party coalition. AAC utterly rejects Senator Clinton's seeming endorsement of the other party's candidate's experience, should she fail to win her own party's nomination. It's unprecedented. If she cannot win enough earned delegates under the current process then it appears Clinton seeks self-serving rules changes or to win in a smoke-filled room.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 2008 Democratic National Committee Convention Chair said, "If the votes of the Super-Delegates overturn what's happened in the elections, it would be harmful to the Democratic Party."
The Afrosphere Action Coalition concurs with Speaker Pelosi and therefore calls upon the DNC, super-delegates and Hillary Clinton to "end her relentless war against established Party principles and constituencies and concede defeat in the nominating process." Only by dramatically rigging the process could Mrs. Clinton hope to win, which voters would reject as invalid. "Hillary's divisiveness could lead to four more years of George W. Bush's disastrous economic and foreign policies."
Therefore, on Tuesday, March 25, 2008, the Afrosphere Action Coalition will conduct a Day of Blogging For Voter Justice. Coalition members and friends will blog to insist that our votes, earned delegates and established rules be honored. "We must unite behind our nominee in March, not August." If you are not a blogger, you can still support this effort by signing the online petition.
This is a nonpartisan effort to increase participation in the political process. If you have questions or wish to discuss further you can reach out to any member of the Afrosphere Action Coalition including Yobachi Boswell, Wayne Hicks, Francis Holland or Daz Wilson.
About Afrosphere Action Coaltion
AAC is a coalition of Afrosphere bloggers who first coalesced around the Jena 6 issue and have since taken actions via the net to bring awareness or to call people to action on various issues including AIDS and Darfur.
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